We wish to extend to you an offer to affiliate with a seminal Columbia event.

On the evening of Thursday, April 13, 2017 in the iconic Missouri Theatre, TEDxCoMo “Citizen” will feature a wide array of speakers. Each speaker, each selected based on the power of their “idea worth spreading.”

Columbia is fortunate to have a nascent and rapidly growing TEDx community. Following the successes of TEDxCoMo, TEDxMU, TEDxBattle and TEDxCosmoPark,. We are happy to reveal the next step forward.

We have chosen “Citizen” as this year’s TEDxCoMo theme as a vehicle to engage the community through an evening of “ideas worth spreading.” While we acquired the license to producing a TEDx event around ”Citizen” during the summer of 2016, now such an event somehow seems even more relevant, if not urgent. Now is our time to explore, together, what it means to be a “Citizen” locally and globally, inside and out.

The city of Columbia and the State of Missouri have, over the last couple of years, found themselves in the spotlight on more than one occasion, publically compelled to wrestle with some of the most challenging issues of the day. We at TEDxCoMo choose to think that this is an opportunity, through a TEDx, event, for our diverse community to examine and share ideas of discovery and understanding from one another. It is also an opportunity for us to reframe the narrative.

TED.com, and its independently organized counterpart TEDx, communicate the insights of an emerging community of global thought leaders. Each event, thoughtfully curated, is professionally recorded for maximum viral distribution. Talks are decidedly non-commercial, non-partisan and interdisciplinary.

Your small amount of support can garner some terrific visibility for Columbia, you and your business, and can accelerate conversations that push us all forward.

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