Introducing our speakers...

We are excited to share with you our amazing assembly of presenters! Our speakers were curated out of a much larger pool of applicants, and were selected for the unique and compelling frame of reference they bring to the event. 



Chris Stephens

"...Traditional music as a unifying cultural expression that transcends sovereign state citizenship and allows one to instead become a citizen of the world..."


Marcus Aurelius Anderson

"...Adversity is a gift that demands our greatest efforts to rise above our current obstacles and to become better citizens and leaders..."


Dan Gill

"...In order for us to understand what is going on around us we need good nuance reporting and we need to pay for it..."



Tara Marcink

"...Is there a way to have uncomfortable conversations with other Americans in a way that is not only civil but also productive?..."


Ibtisam Barakat

"...Being a Muslim-Arab-Palestinian-American citizen dealing with the immense lack of understanding of Arab culture and Islam..."


Velaphi Thipe

“...Ubuntu” has a meaning depending on the context; it is a philosophy of human kindness, a quality that includes essential human virtues, compassion and humanity..."


Brianna Lennon

"...The ever-broadening legal definition of who - or what - meets the criteria of "citizen"..."


Barbara Buffaloe

"...What it means to be an environmental citizen..."


Sintia Radu

"...The story of non-citizens who were embraced by your community, supported, funded and encouraged to grow a business that strives to change the media landscape worldwide..."


Clint Darr

"...The power of laughter and how it can form bonds across political parties, age, race, gender, and a myriad of other labels that tend to divide us..."


Jordan Reeves

"...If you step back and look at your challenges, you can use them to your advantage..."


Ashley Yong

"...Philanthropy starts with one citizen and widespread change starts with a community..."


Connor Hickox

"...It’s on us, as citizens, to seek understanding and common ground, rather than close ourselves off from perspectives we don’t like..."


Caritas Habimana

"...I will tell my story and my experience of refugees adjusting to be american citizens.."


Nanette Ward

"...The global issue of human trafficking needs to be made relevant at a local level to our local citizens..."