TEDxCoMo "Citizen" comes to Columbia, Missouri for a one night showcase of ideas and people you should know about.

On the evening of Thursday, April 13, 2017, TEDxCoMo will present an array of speakers all of whom will share "ideas worth spreading." 



Why "Citizen?"

Ask 100 people what it means to be a citizen, and you'll get 100 answers. In a time when public institutions all seem to be in radical flux, TEDxCoMo selected the theme "Citizen" as a vehicle for Columbians to spark and advance a diversity of civic conversations, in a decidedly non-partisan manner.

Why Now?

 Our capacity to build interrelationships with one another is manifestly being altered by social media and other emerging engagement tools. There is a quickening of the ability to share ideas and forge alliances.  TEDx "Citizen" will offer ideas worth spreading on which civic bonds may be formed.

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Why Columbia?

Columbia has had an eventful couple of years in the public eye. Issues of national resonance have played out in our community on the national stage. TEDxCoMo wishes to add to the dialogue and present a night of thoughtful and inspiring presentations. Town and Gown, multi-disciplinary and engaging.